short leg

  1. cricket

    • a fielding position on the leg side near the batsman's wicket

    • a fielder in this position

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How to use short leg in a sentence

  • Bray had just lifted a length ball off the middle stump over short-leg's head.

    The Loom of Youth | Alec Waugh
  • The first fiddler was a small man, with a short leg, and a character that was minus one dimension.

    Eben Holden | Irving Bacheller
  • Behind this jaw is a short leg, formed like a walking leg, and known as the 'palp.'

  • The smaller tube thus forms the long leg of a syphon, and the larger tube acts as the short leg.

  • A short leg in very wide trousers was next introduced, and this was followed by a crooked and consequently still shorter one.

    Magnhild Dust | Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson