monstrous bird, rational and ancient, in Persian mythology, 1786, from Persian simurgh, from Pahlavi sin "eagle" + murgh "bird." Cf. Avestan saeno merego "eagle," Sanskrit syenah "eagle," Armenian cin "kite." Probably identical with the roc (q.v.).

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Historical Examples of simurgh

  • What you have to do first is to get to the home of the Simurgh, 10 and to make friends with him.

  • Then the Simurgh flew off to a distance with the great stone and dropped it.

  • The prince felt sure this must be the place of the Simurgh.'

  • He then washed himself and lay down to rest, and he was still asleep when the Simurgh came home.

  • The nest of the Simurgh was in the wonderful tree above him, and in it were young birds; the parents were away searching for food.