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Made up of only one cell. Bacteria are single-celled organisms.

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Historical Examples of single-celled

  • There are many kinds of these single-celled plants in the world.

    Through Magic Glasses and Other Lectures

    Arabella B. Buckley

  • It stood out sharply when he focused—the white, jellyfish shape of a single-celled leucocyte.

    Planet of the Damned

    Harry Harrison

  • They are single-celled organisms and each individual has the prime factors of life, assimilation, growth and reproduction.

  • A single-celled, protoplasmic organism, which is constantly changing its form by protrusions and withdrawals of its substance.

    A Practical Physiology

    Albert F. Blaisdell

  • There still exist large numbers of similar “single-celled organisms.”