1. music to play (any nonlegato passage) on a wind instrument by obstructing and uncovering the air passage through the lips with the tongue: Compare double-tongue, triple-tongue

Derived forms of single-tongue

  • single tonguing, noun

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How to use single-tongue in a sentence

  • The red men were quick to learn that he always spoke with a "single tongue," and that he was their unselfish friend.

    The Life of Kit Carson | Edward S. Ellis
  • The missionary always speaks with a single tongue, and he will be the friend of the red man as long as he lives.

    The Phantom of the River | Edward S. Ellis
  • It is next passed round the horses belly, and buckled to a single tongue on the other side.

    Riding for Ladies | Mrs. Power O'Donoghue
  • Red Feather Sioux chief—he neber tell lie—he speak wid single tongue—he love white folks.

    The Story of Red Feather | Edward S. (Edward Sylvester) Ellis
  • Lone Bear speaks with a single tongue; he can not tell where the pale-faced warrior is.

    Footprints in the Forest | Edward Sylvester Ellis