[ sahy-fuhng-kuhl ]

  1. (in a nautilus) the connecting tube that passes from the end of the body through all of the septa to the innermost chamber.

  2. Entomology. an aphid cornicle.

Origin of siphuncle

1895–1900; <Latin sīp(h)unculus small tube through which water is forced, equivalent to sīp(h)ōn-, stem of sīp(h)ōsiphon + -culus-cule1 (see carbuncle)

Other words from siphuncle

  • si·phun·cu·lar, si·phun·cu·late [sahy-fuhng-kyuh-lit], /saɪˈfʌŋ kyə lɪt/, si·phun·cu·lat·ed [sahy-fuhng-kyuh-ley-tid], /saɪˈfʌŋ kyəˌleɪ tɪd/, adjective

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