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[skahy-uh-graf, -grahf]
  1. a radiograph.
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Also skiagram.

Origin of skiagraph

1895–1900; back formation from skiagraphy the process of making skiagraphs < Greek skiāgraphía painting in light and shade, equivalent to skiā-, combining form of skiā́ shade + -graphia -graphy
Related formsski·a·graph·ic [skahy-uh-graf-ik] /ˌskaɪ əˈgræf ɪk/, ski·a·graph·i·cal, adjectiveski·ag·ra·phy [skahy-ag-ruh-fee] /skaɪˈæg rə fi/, noun
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Historical Examples

  • But a skiagraph, or X-ray photograph, has a fascination all its own.

    The Vanishing Man

    R. Austin Freeman

  • The moment the skiagraph was taken, it was very clear which bone should be removed.