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or skyte

noun Scot. and North England.
  1. a quick, oblique blow or stroke; a chopping blow.
  2. a joke or prank.
  3. the butt of a joke or prank.
  4. a person whose opinions are not taken seriously; one held in mild contempt.
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Origin of skite1

1775–85; perhaps < Scandinavian; cf. skeet3
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British Dictionary definitions for skyte


  1. (intr) to slide or slip, as on ice
  2. (tr) to strike with a sharp or glancing blow
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  1. an instance of sliding or slipping
  2. a sharp or glancing blow
  3. on the skite or on a skite Scot and Irish on a drinking spree
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Word Origin

C18: of uncertain origin


verb (intr)
  1. to boast
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  1. boastful talk
  2. a person who boasts
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Word Origin

C19: from Scottish and northern English dialect; see skate ³
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Word Origin and History for skyte



"contemptible person," 1790, Scottish and Northern, earlier "sudden stroke or blow" (1785), perhaps from Old Norse skyt-, from skjota "to shoot" (see shoot (v.)). Cf. Old Norse skita "to shit," which might have had some influence.

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