[ slag ]
/ slæg /
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Also called cinder. the more or less completely fused and vitrified matter separated during the reduction of a metal from its ore.
the scoria from a volcano.
waste left over after the re-sorting of coal.

verb (used with object), slagged, slag·ging.

to convert into slag.
Metallurgy. to remove slag from (a steel bath).

verb (used without object), slagged, slag·ging.

to form slag; become a slaglike mass.



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Origin of slag

1545–55; <Middle Low German slagge; cognate with German Schlacke dross, slag; see slack2

Definition for slag (2 of 2)

[ slag ]
/ slæg /


British Slang. an abusive woman.

Origin of slag

First recorded in 1780–90; originally an argot word for a worthless person or a thug; perhaps identical with slag1
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British Dictionary definitions for slag

/ (slæɡ) /


Also called: cinder the fused material formed during the smelting or refining of metals by combining the flux with gangue, impurities in the metal, etc. It usually consists of a mixture of silicates with calcium, phosphorus, sulphur, etcSee also basic slag
a mass of rough fragments of pyroclastic rock and cinders derived from a volcanic eruption; scoria
a mixture of shale, clay, coal dust, and other mineral waste produced during coal mining
British slang a coarse or dissipated girl or woman

verb slags, slagging or slagged

(tr) British slang (usually foll by off) to abuse (someone) verbally
(intr) Australian slang to spit
slagging, nounslaggy, adjective
C16: from Middle Low German slagge, perhaps from slagen to slay
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Scientific definitions for slag

[ slăg ]

The vitreous mass left as a residue by the smelting of metallic ore. It consists mostly of the siliceous and aluminous impurities from the iron ore.
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