noun, plural smok·eys. (often initial capital letter) Slang.

an officer or officers of a state highway patrol.
a state police car.

Origin of smokey

1970–75, Americanism; shortened from Smokey the Bear, a cartoon figure used in the U. S. Forest Service's fire prevention campaign, depicted wearing a hat similar to those worn by state police officers
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Word Origin and History for smokey bear

Smokey Bear


"state policeman," 1974, from truckers' slang, in reference to the wide-brim style of hat worn by state troopers (the hats so called by 1969). Ultimately the reference is to a popular illustrated character of that name, dressed in forest ranger gear (including a hat like those later worn by state troopers). He was introduced in 1944 by the U.S. Forest Service and the Wartime Advertising Council in a campaign to lower the number of forest fires in the West.



variant of smoky. As a noun, sometimes short for Smokey Bear.

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