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verb (used without object)
  1. to kiss.

  2. to engage in amorous caressing; pet.

  1. a kiss; smack.

Origin of smooch

First recorded in 1580–90; variant of obsolete smouch “to kiss,” of unknown origin; compare dialectal German schmutzen “to kiss, smile”

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  • smoocher, noun

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[ smooch ]

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How to use smooch in a sentence

  • Though Hader's smooch with the dog is the most cringe-worthy moment, Fred Armisen licking a corpse was a close second.

    Most Memorable Kisses of the Year | Shefali Kulkarni | December 30, 2010 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • Miss Philly, you got a smooch on dat waist, and your skirt is hiked up behind.

  • Thus a smooch, or "offset," the result of handling the paper before the ink has become dry, is prevented.

  • The land was just a yeller and green smooch along the sky line and the waves was runnin' bigger.

    The Depot Master | Joseph C. Lincoln
  • Sally should send him off with a proud smooch of lipstick and a tearful promise to wait.

    Instinct | George Oliver Smith
  • Abishai drew one hand across his forehead, leaving a decorative smooch of blacking on his perspiring countenance.

    Keziah Coffin | Joseph C. Lincoln

British Dictionary definitions for smooch


/ (smuːtʃ) informal /

  1. (of two people) to kiss and cuddle: Also (Austral and NZ): smoodge, smooge

  2. British to dance very slowly and amorously with one's arms around another person, or (of two people) to dance together in such a way

  1. the act of smooching

  2. British a piece of music played for dancing to slowly and amorously

Origin of smooch

C20: variant of dialect smouch, of imitative origin

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