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The aughts (the early 2000s) was a special time of boy bands, Raven Simone, and fun slang. What was your favorite word to use during this time?

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Idioms about snap

Origin of snap

First recorded in 1485–95; from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German snappen “to bite, seize”


snap·less, adjectivesnap·pa·ble, adjectivesnap·ping·ly, adverb


schnapps, snaps

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[ snap ]
/ snæp /

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: a federal program for low-income Americans that provides them with electronically deposited benefits to pay for food, as at grocery stores or markets.
See also food stamp.

Origin of SNAP

First recorded in 2005–10
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What is a basic definition of snap?

Snap is a verb that means to break something suddenly. Snap is also used to mean to cause something to make a sharp noise. Snap is used informally as a noun to mean something is easy. Snap has many other senses as both a verb and a noun.

Snap refers to something breaking without warning, especially if it makes a loud noise.

Real-life examples: Tree limbs may snap during a storm. When a limb breaks, it usually does so loudly. You may snap your pencil into two pieces when struggling with a math problem. When you’re feeling generous, you may snap a chocolate bar in half to share with a friend.

Used in a sentence: He snapped the cane in half over his knee.

Snap is also used to mean to cause something to make a sudden, loud noise.

Real-life examples: This sense of snap almost always refers to a noise a person can make by quickly rubbing their fingers together. An impatient boss may snap their fingers to get workers to move faster or your teacher may snap their fingers to get the class’s attention. A whip or rope may also be snapped by flicking it quickly so that it makes a loud cracking noise.

Used in a sentence: I don’t know how to snap my fingers. 

Snap is used informally as a noun to mean something doesn’t take much effort or pays a lot of money for not much work. The word breeze is used informally to mean this same thing.

Real-life examples: Some things that could be considered a snap include a very easy test, babysitting a child that sleeps the entire time, or getting paid to do something you were going to do anyway.

Used in a sentence: After studying hard last night, that test was a snap and I passed it easily.

Where does snap come from?

The first records of snap come from around the 1490s. It comes from the Middle Dutch or Middle Low German word snappen meaning “to bite” or  “to seize.” Both of these senses are still used today. If a dog snaps at you, it is trying to bite you. If you snap up a good deal, you seize it really fast.

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What are some other forms related to snap?

  • snapless (adjective)
  • snappable (adjective)
  • snappingly (adverb)

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How is snap used in real life?

Snap is a commonly used word. Several of its meanings are related to breaking or cracking.



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If something is a snap, that means that it is:

A. hard
B. small
C. confusing
D. easy

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See also snap up

Derived forms of snap

snapless, adjectivesnappable, adjective

Word Origin for snap

C15: from Middle Low German or Middle Dutch snappen to seize; related to Old Norse snapa to snuffle
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