[ suh-bawr ]

noun(sometimes lowercase)Eastern Church.
  1. a council, synod, or convention.

Origin of Sobor

From Russian sobór, Old Russian, Old Church Slavonic sŭborŭ “council, meeting,” equivalent to sŭ- “together, with” + -borŭ, noun derivative of brati “to take” (akin to bear1); loan translation of Greek synagōgḗ (see synagogue)

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How to use Sobor in a sentence

  • A vaulted corridor leads to an entrance from the square behind the Uspenski Sobor.

    The Story of Moscow | Wirt Gerrare
  • A large number of relics assigned to him are still preserved in the Uspenski Sobor and the sacristy of the Patriarchs.

    The Story of Moscow | Wirt Gerrare