[ sod-er ]
/ ˈsɒd ər /


any of various alloys fused and applied to the joint between metal objects to unite them without heating the objects to the melting point.
anything that joins or unites: the solder of their common cause.

verb (used with object)

verb (used without object)

to unite things with solder.
to become soldered or united; grow together.

Origin of solder

1325–75; (noun) Middle English soudour<Old French soudure, soldure, derivative of solder to solder <Latin solidāre to make solid, equivalent to solid(us) solid + -āre infinitive suffix; (v.) late Middle English, derivative of the noun

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British Dictionary definitions for solder

/ (ˈsɒldə, US ˈsɒdər) /


an alloy for joining two metal surfaces by melting the alloy so that it forms a thin layer between the surfaces. Soft solders are alloys of lead and tin; brazing solders are alloys of copper and zinc
something that joins things together firmly; a bond


to join or mend or be joined or mended with or as if with solder

Derived forms of solder

solderable, adjectivesolderer, noun

Word Origin for solder

C14: via Old French from Latin solidāre to strengthen, from solidus solid
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