[ sol-uh-siz-uh m, soh-luh- ]
/ ˈsɒl əˌsɪz əm, ˈsoʊ lə- /


a nonstandard or ungrammatical usage, as unflammable and they was.
a breach of good manners or etiquette.
any error, impropriety, or inconsistency.

Origin of solecism

1570–80; < Latin soloecismus < Greek soloikismós, equivalent to sóloik(os) (Sólo(i) a city in Cilicia where a corrupt form of Attic Greek was spoken + -ikos -ic) + -ismos -ism

Related forms

sol·e·cist, nounsol·e·cis·tic, sol·e·cis·ti·cal, adjectivesol·e·cis·ti·cal·ly, adverb

Can be confused

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British Dictionary definitions for solecism


/ (ˈsɒlɪˌsɪzəm) /


  1. the nonstandard use of a grammatical construction
  2. any mistake, incongruity, or absurdity
a violation of good manners

Derived Forms

solecist, nounsolecistic or solecistical, adjectivesolecistically, adverb

Word Origin for solecism

C16: from Latin soloecismus, from Greek soloikismos, from soloikos speaking incorrectly, from Soloi an Athenian colony of Cilicia where the inhabitants spoke a corrupt form of Greek
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