[ spek-yuh-luhm ]
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noun,plural spec·u·la [spek-yuh-luh], /ˈspɛk yə lə/, spec·u·lums.
  1. a mirror or reflector, especially one of polished metal, as on a reflecting telescope.

  1. Surgery. an instrument for rendering a part accessible to observation, as by enlarging an orifice.

  2. Ornithology. a lustrous or specially colored area on the wings of certain birds.

Origin of speculum

1590–1600; <Latin: mirror, equivalent to spec(ere) to look, behold + -ulum instrumental suffix; see -ule

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/ (ˈspɛkjʊləm) /

nounplural -la (-lə) or -lums
  1. a mirror, esp one made of polished metal for use in a telescope, etc

  2. med an instrument for dilating a bodily cavity or passage to permit examination of its interior

  1. a patch of distinctive colour on the wing of a bird, esp in certain ducks

Origin of speculum

C16: from Latin: mirror, from specere to look at

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