speed dial

  1. a telephone feature by which telephone numbers can be stored in memory and rapidly dialed by pressing an assigned button.

Origin of speed dial

First recorded in 1980–85

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[ speed-dahy-uhl, -dahyl ]

verb (used with object),speed-dialed, speed-dial·ing or (especially British) speed-dialled, speed-dial·ling.
  1. to dial (a telephone number) using speed dial.

Origin of speed-dial

First recorded in 1980–85

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How to use speed dial in a sentence

  • I had nothing to do other than to give occasional attention to the revolution counter, altimetre, and speed-dial.

    High Adventure | James Norman Hall
  • It was now nearly 23 dial, and Cobb arose, and consulted the speed dial of the Orion.

    A. D. 2000 | Alvarado M. Fuller
  • He raced back to the control panel, snapped a glance at the speed dial.

    Empire | Clifford Donald Simak