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[ sfē-nŏtĭk ]


Relating to the sphenoid bone and the bony case of the ear.

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Examples from the Web for sphenotic

  • Dorsal to the exoccipital are the opisthotic and pterotic, and dorsal to the pro-otic is the sphenotic.

    The Vertebrate Skeleton|Sidney H. Reynolds
  • On the side behind the posterior angle of the frontal is the sphenotic above the posterior part of the eye.

  • The pterotic and sphenotic together give rise to a large concave surface by which the hyomandibular articulates with the cranium.

    The Vertebrate Skeleton|Sidney H. Reynolds
  • They cover the posterior fontanelles and stretch over from the sphenotic to the lateral ethmoid, forming a roof for the orbit.

    The Vertebrate Skeleton|Sidney H. Reynolds