Spice Islands

pl n
  1. the former name of the Moluccas

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How to use Spice Islands in a sentence

  • Tell Sara she is as good as a group of spice-islands to me; she wafts the pleasantest influences, even from a distance.

  • Thence he sailed to the Spice Islands, where he met with European merchants.

  • It was a trying occupation, the odour far exceeding in strength that of the Spice Islands.

    Afloat And Ashore | James Fenimore Cooper
  • If ichthyc variety is the spice of the angler's life, Sanibel and its sister keys are the Spice Islands.

    Bass, Pike, Perch, and Others | James Alexander Henshall
  • His ship was wrecked, and the expedition came to an end, a few of the survivors reaching the Spice Islands in 1539.