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verb (used with object) Informal.
  1. to make spiffy (usually followed by up): Let's spiff up this office with new furniture.
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Origin of spiff1

1875–80; perhaps v. use of dial. spiff well-dressed; see spiffy


  1. a bonus or other form of remuneration given to retail salespeople for promoting the products of a particular manufacturer.
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verb (used with object)
  1. to reward (a salesperson) with a spiff.
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Origin of spiff2

First recorded in 1855–60; origin uncertain
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Related Words

rehabilitate, furnish, prepare, groom, slick, preen, spruce, titivate, smarten, spiff, primp, deck, provide, repair

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Historical Examples

  • The reason none of these fellos over here never get spiffed is because they make you pay after every drink.

    "Same old Bill, eh Mable!"

    Edward Streeter

Word Origin and History for spiffed



"make neat or spruce," 1877 (with up or out), probably from spiffy (q.v.). Related: Spiffed; spiffing.

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