[ splangk-nuh-ploo r ]
/ ˈsplæŋk nəˌplʊər /

noun Embryology.

the double layer formed by the association of the lower layer of the lateral plate of mesoderm with the underlying entoderm, which develops into the embryonic viscera.
Compare somatopleure.

Origin of splanchnopleure

From the New Latin word splanchnopleura, dating back to 1870–75. See splanchno-, pleura

Related forms

splanch·no·pleu·ral, splanch·no·pleu·ric, adjective
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[ splăngknə-plur′ ]


A layer of embryonic cells formed by association of part of the mesoderm with the endoderm and developing into the wall of the viscera.

Related forms

splanch′no•pleuric adj.
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