[ spawr-tiv, spohr- ]
/ ˈspɔr tɪv, ˈspoʊr- /


playful or frolicsome; jesting, jocose, or merry: a sportive puppy.
done in sport, rather than in earnest: a sportive show of affection.
pertaining to or of the nature of a sport or sports.
Biology. mutative.
Archaic. ardent; wanton.

Origin of sportive

First recorded in 1580–90; sport + -ive

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British Dictionary definitions for sportive

/ (ˈspɔːtɪv) /


playful or joyous
done in jest rather than seriously
of, relating to, or interested in sports
obsolete wanton or amorousa sportive wench

Derived forms of sportive

sportively, adverbsportiveness, noun
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