a snare for catching small game.

verb (used with object), springed, spring·ing.

to catch in a springe.

verb (used without object), springed, spring·ing.

to set a springe or springes.

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Origin of springe

1200–50; Middle English, variant of sprenge a snare, literally, something that is made to spring, derivative of sprengen to make spring, Old English sprengan, causative of springan to spring

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Examples from the Web for springed

  • It was finally concluded by a commission being sent to set out what ought to be springed.

    The Vale of Lyvennet|John Salkeld Bland
  • You have springed your dottrel, I find, and what is the consequence?

    Red Gauntlet|Sir Walter Scott
  • They had wintered it and springed it, and clung to it through bright days and dark.

    Four Girls and a Compact|Annie Hamilton Donnell

British Dictionary definitions for springed



a snare set to catch small wild animals or birds and consisting of a loop attached to a bent twig or branch under tension


(intr) to set such a snare
(tr) to catch (small wild animals or birds) with such a snare

Word Origin for springe

C13: related to Old English springan to spring

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