Sri Lanka

[ sree lahng-kuh, lang-kuh, shree ]
/ ˌsri ˈlɑŋ kə, ˈlæŋ kə, ˌʃri /


an island republic in the Indian Ocean, S of India: a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. 25,332 sq. mi. (65,610 sq. km). Capital: Colombo.
Formerly Ceylon. Arabic Serendip.


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Sri Lankan
/ (ˌsriː ˈlæŋkən) /


of or relating to Sri Lanka or its inhabitants


a native or inhabitant of Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka
/ (ˌsriː ˈlæŋkə) /


a republic in S Asia, occupying the island of Ceylon: settled by the Sinhalese from S India in about 550 bc; became a British colony 1802; gained independence in 1948, becoming a republic within the Commonwealth in 1972. Exports include tea, cocoa, cinnamon, and copra. Official languages: Sinhalese and Tamil; English is also widely spoken. Religion: Hinayana Buddhist majority. Currency: Sri Lanka rupee. Capital: Colombo (administrative), Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte (legislative). Parts of the coast suffered badly in the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004. Pop: 21 675 648 (2013 est). Area: 65 610 sq km (25 332 sq miles)Official name (since 1978): Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Former name (until 1972): Ceylon
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Cultural definitions for sri lankan

Sri Lanka
[ (sree lahng-kuh) ]

Formerly Ceylon, now an island republic in the Indian Ocean just southeast of India.

notes for Sri Lanka

A British colony since 1796, the island became independent in 1948.

notes for Sri Lanka

Marked by hostility between its Buddhist Sinhalese majority and Hindu Tamil minority (see Buddhism and Hinduism).
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