[ stey-peez ]
/ ˈsteɪ piz /

noun, plural sta·pes, sta·pe·des [stuh-pee-deez] /stəˈpi diz/. Anatomy.

the innermost, stirrup-shaped bone of a chain of three small bones in the middle ear of humans and other mammals, involved in the conduction of sound vibrations to the inner ear.Also called stirrup.Compare incus(def 1), malleus.

Origin of stapes

1660–70; < New Latin stapēs, Medieval Latin: stirrup, perhaps etymologizing alteration of Italian staffa stirrup (< Germanic) by association with Latin stāre to stand, and pēs, stem ped- foot


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British Dictionary definitions for stapedial

/ (ˈsteɪpiːz) /

noun plural stapes or stapedes (stæˈpiːdiːz)

the stirrup-shaped bone that is the innermost of three small bones in the middle ear of mammalsNontechnical name: stirrup bone Compare incus, malleus

Derived forms of stapes

stapedial (stæˈpiːdɪəl), adjective

Word Origin for stapes

C17: via New Latin from Medieval Latin, perhaps a variant of staffa, stapeda stirrup, influenced in form by Latin stāre to stand + pēs a foot
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Medical definitions for stapedial (1 of 2)

[ stā-pēdē-əl ]


Relating to the stapes.

Medical definitions for stapedial (2 of 2)

[ stāpēz ]

n. pl. stapes

The smallest of the three auditory ossicles, whose base fits into the oval window and whose head is articulated with the lenticular process of the long limb of the incus.stirrup
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Scientific definitions for stapedial

[ stāpēz ]

Plural stapes stapedes (stāpĭ-dēz′)

The roughly stirrup-shaped bone that is the innermost of the three small bones (ossicles) of the middle ear.
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