[ stahyn-wey ]

  1. Henry En·gel·hard [eng-guhl-hahrd, -hahrt], /ˈɛŋ gəlˌhɑrd, -ˌhɑrt/, Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg, 1797–1871, U.S. piano manufacturer, born in Germany.

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How to use Steinway in a sentence

  • I felt inspired, for the piano I was at was a magnificent grand that Steinway presented to Liszt only the other day.

  • Many years later, when they wanted him to read to them in Steinway Hall, he gladly gave his services without charge.

  • Here stood two Steinway grand pianos, tail to tail, their dark polished cases shining soberly in the pale light of November.

    December Love | Robert Hichens
  • No, she was only a woman with a soul for harmony, which found soft and tender expression on my mother's old Steinway.

    A Top-Floor Idyl | George van Schaick
  • Ever continuing success remains a beautiful attribute of the world-renowned firm of Steinway & Sons.

    Franz Liszt | James Huneker

British Dictionary definitions for Steinway


/ (ˈstɑɪnweɪ) /

  1. Henry (Engelhard), original name Heinrich Engelhardt Steinweg. 1797–1871, US piano maker, born in Germany

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