[ streyt-ahrm ]

verb (used with object)
  1. Football. to push (a potential tackler) away by holding the arm out straight; stiff-arm.

  2. to force, push, or fend off by or as if by holding out a stiff arm against obstacles: He straight-armed his way into the middle of the crowded room.

  1. Football. an act or instance of straight-arming.

Origin of straight-arm

First recorded in 1900–05

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How to use straight-arm in a sentence

  • By-and-by these exercises will come as easy as was the straight-arm work.

  • Another clerk reached out and Rick gave him a straight arm that cleared the way long enough for a jump to the outside.

    The Egyptian Cat Mystery | Harold Leland Goodwin
  • He lunged forward as he spoke, shooting a straight-arm blow for Fyfe's face.

    Big Timber | Bertrand W. Sinclair
  • He rushed and drove a straight-arm jab, which had it reached would have given him the purse.

  • After that, in the general way he has of handling himself, from falling on the ball to dodging and straight arm.

    Football Days | William H. Edwards

British Dictionary definitions for straight-arm


  1. rugby (of a tackle) performed with the arm fully extended

  1. (tr) to ward off (an opponent) with the arm outstretched

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