1. a submarine.
  2. a substitute.
  3. a submarine sandwich. See hero sandwich.
  4. a subcontractor.
  5. a sublieutenant.
  6. a subordinate.
  7. a subaltern.
  8. British. an advance against one's wages, especially one granted as a subsistence allowance.
  9. Photography. a substratum.
verb (used without object), subbed, sub·bing.
  1. to act as a substitute for another.
verb (used with object), subbed, sub·bing.
  1. Photography. to coat (a film or plate) with a substratum.

Origin of sub

by shortening of words prefixed with sub-

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  1. short for several words beginning with sub-See subaltern, subeditor, submarine, subordinate, subscription, substandard, substitute, substratum (def. 6)
  2. British informal an advance payment of wages or salaryFormal term: subsistence allowance
verb subs, subbing or subbed
  1. (intr) to serve as a substitute
  2. (intr) informal to act as a substitute (for)
  3. British informal to grant or receive (an advance payment of wages or salary)
  4. (tr) informal short for subedit
  5. (tr) photog to apply a substratum to (a film or plate base)
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shortened form of substitute, 1830; the verb in this sense is from 1853. Related: Subbed; subbing. From 1917 as short for submarine (n.).

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