[ suhn-kist ]

  1. (of skin) tanned or bronzed, or (of hair) lightened in color, by or as if by the sun: This natural bronzer enriches your skin and adds radiant, sun-kissed color.A newer trend is for sun-kissed blonde hair and darker roots.

  2. abounding in sunshine; characteristically sunny:His work has taken him all over the world, from the sun-kissed beaches of Zanzibar to the icy wastes of the Arctic Circle.

  1. evoking sunshine or sunny weather: We only use peak season tomatoes, so the sauce is filled with sun-kissed deliciousness.The festival kicked off with one of my favorite bands drenching the early afternoon in sun-kissed tropical pop.

Origin of sun-kissed

First recorded in 1820–30
  • Also sun kissed, sun·kissed .

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How to use sun-kissed in a sentence

  • Many have gained enormous heights, and are soaring majestically in the sun-kissed zenith.

  • He saw it change as a sun-kissed landscape might when a cloud veils the sun.

    The Man from Jericho | Edwin Carlile Litsey
  • "What I am looking for is a sun-kissed bungalow in your garden spot, old thing," I remarked about two o'clock.

    I Walked in Arden | Jack Crawford