1. pertaining to, consisting of, or representing the earth as distinct from other planets.
  2. of or relating to land as distinct from water.
  3. Botany.
    1. growing on land; not aquatic.
    2. growing in the ground; not epiphytic or aerial.
  4. Zoology. living on or in the ground; not aquatic, arboreal, or aerial.
  5. of or relating to the earth or this world; worldly; mundane.
  1. an inhabitant of the earth, especially a human being.

Origin of terrestrial

1400–50; late Middle English < Latin terrestri(s) pertaining to earth (derivative of terra earth) + -al1
Related formster·res·tri·al·ly, adverbnon·ter·res·tri·al, adjective, nounpre·ter·res·tri·al, adjectivesu·per·ter·res·tri·al, adjectiveun·der·ter·res·tri·al, adjectiveun·ter·res·tri·al, adjective

Synonyms for terrestrial

1. terrene. See earthly.

Antonyms for terrestrial

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British Dictionary definitions for super-terrestrial


  1. of or relating to the earth
  2. of or belonging to the land as opposed to the sea or air
  3. (of animals and plants) living or growing on the land
  4. earthly, worldly, or mundane
  5. (of television signals) sent over the earth's surface from a transmitter on land, rather than by satellite
  1. an inhabitant of the earth
Derived Formsterrestrially, adverbterrestrialness, noun

Word Origin for terrestrial

C15: from Latin terrestris, from terra earth
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Word Origin and History for super-terrestrial



early 15c., from Latin terrestris "earthly," from terra "earth" (see terrain). Originally opposed to celestial; natural history sense of "living on land" is attested from 1630s. The noun meaning "a human being, a mortal" is recorded from 1590s.

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super-terrestrial in Science


  1. Relating to Earth or its inhabitants.
  2. Relating to, living on, or growing on land.
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