[ soo-pruh-nash-uh-nl ]

  1. outside or beyond the authority of one national government, as a project or policy that is planned and controlled by a group of nations.

Origin of supranational

First recorded in 1905–10; supra- + national

Other words from supranational

  • su·pra·na·tion·al·ism, noun
  • su·pra·na·tion·al·i·ty, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use supranational in a sentence

  • You and I both see, for instance, that a powerful world-wide supra-national sovereignty is the only guarantee of world peace.

    Hunter Patrol | Henry Beam Piper and John J. McGuire
  • Because of our population, however, we would have minority representation in any supra-national government now being planned.

  • All American advocates of supra-national government, or world government, claim their principal motive is to achieve world peace.

  • True democracy, supra-national democracy, must take its stand against "imperialism masquerading as democracy."

    The Forerunners | Romain Rolland

British Dictionary definitions for supranational


/ (ˌsuːprəˈnæʃnəl, ˌsjuː-) /

  1. beyond the authority or jurisdiction of one national government: the supranational institutions of the EU

Derived forms of supranational

  • supranationalism, noun
  • supranationally, adverb

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