sweat out

verb(tr, adverb)
  1. to cure or lessen the effects of (a cold, respiratory infection, etc) by sweating

  2. informal to endure (hardships) for a time (often in the phrase sweat it out)

  1. sweat one's guts out informal to work extremely hard

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How to use sweat out in a sentence

  • But the overhead sun, whose direct rays were fairly boiling the sweat out of him, harshly corrected this impression.

    Average Jones | Samuel Hopkins Adams
  • They had put their shakoes aside and wrapped rags around their heads to keep the sweat out of their eyes.

    Shaman | Robert Shea
  • He set down the receiver, shook the sweat out of his eyes, and sank on to a stool.

    Berry And Co. | Dornford Yates
  • I can't even see one of these poetic creatures from a distance without breaking out into a cold sweat out of sheer anger.

  • When summer came on, he elected to sweat out a hot and dusty existence in the city and to toil incessantly.

    The Sea-Wolf | Jack London

Other Idioms and Phrases with sweat out

sweat out

Endure or await something anxiously, as in He sweated out that last final exam, or I don't know if I made the team—I'm still sweating it out. This idiom, often expanded to sweat it out, was first recorded in 1876.

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