[ swing-er ]
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  1. a person or thing that swings.

  2. Slang. a lively, active, and modern person whose activities are fashionable or trendy.

  1. Slang.

    • a person who indulges in promiscuous sex.

    • a person who engages in the exchanging of spouses for sexual activities.

Origin of swinger

First recorded in 1535–45 for def. 1; 1955–60 for def. 2; swing1 + -er1

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How to use swinger in a sentence

  • Sherwood Magee and “Hans” Wagner are contemporary free swingers.

    Pitching in a Pinch | Christy Mathewson
  • Here would be found a signal officer and his squad of trained flag swingers.

    The Boy Spy | Joseph Kerby
  • He is what is known in baseball as a free swinger, and there are not many free swingers these days.

    Pitching in a Pinch | Christy Mathewson

British Dictionary definitions for swinger


/ (ˈswɪŋə) slang /

  1. a person regarded as being modern and lively

  2. a person who swaps sexual partners in a group, esp habitually

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