a person or thing that swings.
Slang. a lively, active, and modern person whose activities are fashionable or trendy.
  1. a person who indulges in promiscuous sex.
  2. a person who engages in the exchanging of spouses for sexual activities.

Origin of swinger

1535–45 for def 1; 1955–60 for def 2; swing1 + -er1



verb (used with object), swinged, swinge·ing. British Dialect.

to thrash; punish.

Origin of swinge

1250–1300; Middle English swengen to shake, smite, Old English swengan, causative of swingan to swing, or denominative derivative of Old English sweng a blow
Related formsswing·er [swin-jer] /ˈswɪn dʒər/, noun
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  • And with him went the monks and the musicians, and the candle-bearers, and the swingers of censers, and a great company.

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verb swinges, swingeing, swinging or swinged

(tr) archaic to beat, flog, or punish

Word Origin for swinge

Old English swengan; related to Old Frisian swenga to drench, Gothic afswaggwjan to cause to sway; see swing



a person regarded as being modern and lively
a person who swaps sexual partners in a group, esp habitually
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Word Origin and History for swingers



"person who is lively in an unrestrained way," 1965, agent noun from swing (v.). With various other slang senses traceable to 1590s.

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