[ sil-uh-jis-tik ]
/ ˌsɪl əˈdʒɪs tɪk /

adjective Also syl·lo·gis·ti·cal.

of or relating to a syllogism.
like or consisting of syllogisms.


the part of logic that deals with syllogisms.
syllogistic reasoning.

Origin of syllogistic

1660–70; < Latin syllogisticus < Greek syllogistikós, equivalent to syllogist(ós), verbid of syllogízesthai (see syllogize) + -ikos -ic

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Examples from the Web for syllogistically

  • The first involves the giving; that is, rationally and syllogistically considered, what ye ought to do.

    Bits of Blarney|R. Shelton Mackenzie
  • In fact it involved a situation which, syllogistically, comprised more than one dilemma.

British Dictionary definitions for syllogistically


/ (ˌsɪləˈdʒɪstɪk) /

adjective Also: syllogistical

of, relating to or consisting of syllogisms

noun (often plural)

the branch of logic concerned with syllogisms
reasoning by means of syllogisms

Derived Forms

syllogistically, adverb
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