[ tah-look, tah-look ]
/ ˈtɑ lʊk, tɑˈlʊk /
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noun (in India)
a hereditary estate.
a subdivision of a revenue district.
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Also ta·lu·ka, ta·loo·ka [tah-loo-kuh]. /tɑˈlu kə/.

Origin of taluk

1790–1800; <Urdu ta'alluq estate <Arabic
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What is a taluka?

A taluka is a section of a district in India. It is generally made up of villages that have been organized for economic purposes.

India is organized into 29 states, with each state being organized into districts. Within each district is one or more talukas, that is, a collection of villages. The taluka is run by an elected village council, known as the panchayat.

Different parts of India will use different terms for taluka, including taluk, taluqa, and tehsil. In English, talukas are also known as taluks, talookas, and tahsils.

Example: My taluka has been struggling with flooding and winds lately.

Where does taluka come from?

The first records of the term taluka come from the 1800s. The first records of taluk come from around the 1790s. It comes from the Urdu term ta’alluq, meaning “estate.”

Before the British Empire made India one of its territories in the 1850s, most of India was led by wealthy families, with their leaders being known as the taluqdars. Taluqdars led collections of villages, similar to how a lord ruled a collection of farmlands in feudal Europe. The lands ruled by the taluqdars, most of which were considered wide-reaching familial estates, set the model for talukas, with many of the taluqdar’s lands becoming traditional tribal talukas that still stand today.

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What are some other forms related to taluka?

  • taluk (alternative spelling)
  • talooka (alternative spelling)

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How is taluka used in real life?

Taluka is most often used to discuss local issues in India, including the rigid hierarchy of elected officials.



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In India, a taluka contains many districts.

British Dictionary definitions for taluk


taluka or talooka (tɑːˈluːkə)

/ (ˈtɑːlʊk, tɑːˈlʊk) /

noun (in India)
a subdivision of a district; a group of several villages organized for revenue purposes
a hereditary estate

Word Origin for taluk

C18: from Urdu ta' alluk estate, ultimately from Arabic
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