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Tannu Tuva People's Republic

[tan-oo too-vuh]
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  1. former name of Tuva Autonomous Republic.
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Also called Tannu Tuva.
Related formsTannu Tuvan, adjective, noun

Tuva Autonomous Republic

or Tu·vin·i·an Au·ton·o·mous Re·pub·lic

[too-vuh aw-ton-uh-muh s ri-puhb-lik or too-vin-ee-uh n aw-ton-uh-muh s ri-puhb-lik]
  1. an autonomous republic in the Russian Federation in Asia: formerly an independent republic in Mongolia. 65,810 sq. mi. (170,500 sq. km). Capital: Kyzyl.
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Formerly Tannu Tuva People's Republic, Tannu Tuva.
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