[ tahr-dee-nis ]
/ ˈtɑr di nɪs /
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the state or quality of being later than the usual or proper time, or an instance of this; lateness:Please forgive my tardiness in communicating with everyone once again.



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Origin of tardiness

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Example sentences from the Web for tardiness

  • The charges were not based on minor complaints of tardiness or failing to maintain one’s uniform.

    How Criminal Cops Often Avoid Jail|by Andrew Ford, Asbury Park Press|September 23, 2020|ProPublica
  • Tardiness on the part of any pupil doing the work meant a loss of so many credits already accumulated.

    School Credit for Home Work|Lewis Raymond Alderman
  • Tardiness is a disappointment and an interruption; a kind of falsehood and theft of time.

    The Choctaw Freedmen|Robert Elliott Flickinger
  • Tardiness is reported to be much less in home credit schools.

    School Credit for Home Work|Lewis Raymond Alderman
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