[ tawr-uh-boh-lee-uhm ]

noun,plural tau·ro·bo·li·a [tawr-uh-boh-lee-uh]. /ˌtɔr əˈboʊ li ə/.
  1. the sacrifice of a bull, followed by the baptism of neophytes in the blood, as practiced in the ancient rites of Mithras or Cybele.

  2. Fine Arts. a representation of the killing of a bull, as in Mithraic art.

Origin of taurobolium

1690–1700; <Late Latin <Greek taurobólion, equivalent to tauroból(os) bull sacrifice (taûro(s) bull + bólos a cast, throw, akin to bolḗ a wound, bállein to throw) + -ion diminutive suffix

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