[ tawz, tahz ]
/ tɔz, tɑz /

noun, plural taws. Chiefly Scot.

a whip or leather thong used to drive a spinning top.
a leather whip having its tip divided into smaller strips, used to punish schoolchildren.


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Origin of taws

1505–15; plural of obsolete taw < Old Norse taug rope; cognate with Old English tēag tie

Definition for taws (2 of 4)

[ taw ]
/ tɔ /


a choice or fancy marble used as a shooter.
a game in which marbles are arranged in the center of a circle drawn or scratched on the ground, the object being to knock out as many as possible from the circle; ringer.
Also taw line. the line from which the players shoot.

verb (used without object)

to shoot a marble.

Origin of taw

First recorded in 1700–10; origin uncertain

Definition for taws (3 of 4)

[ taw ]
/ tɔ /

verb (used with object)

to prepare or dress (some raw material) for use or further manipulation.
to transform the skin of an animal into white leather by the application of minerals, emulsions, etc.
Archaic. to flog; thrash.

Origin of taw

before 900; Middle English tawen, Old English tawian; cognate with Dutch touwen, Gothic taujan


taw·er, noun

Definition for taws (4 of 4)

[ tahv, tawv, tahf, tawf ]
/ tɑv, tɔv, tɑf, tɔf /


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British Dictionary definitions for taws (1 of 2)

/ (tɔː) /


the line from which the players shoot in marbles
back to taws Australian informal back to the beginning
a large marble used for shooting
a game of marbles

Word Origin for taw

C18: of unknown origin

British Dictionary definitions for taws (2 of 2)

/ (tɔː) /

verb (tr)

to convert (skins) into white leather by treatment with mineral salts, such as alum and salt, rather than by normal tanning processes
archaic, or dialect to flog; beat

Derived forms of taw

tawer, noun

Word Origin for taw

Old English tawian; compare Old High German zouwen to prepare, Gothic taujan to make
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