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  1. technical: The engineers sat together exchanging tech talk.

  2. technology: the tech industry.

  1. a technician: He's a tech for a film crew.

  2. technology: She has a good grasp of computer tech.

Origin of tech

1950–55; by shortening

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  1. a combining form meaning “digital technology,” occurring as the final element in compound words and coinages that refer to digital technological innovations applied in an established industry: fintech;legaltech;insurtech.

Origin of -tech

From tech(nology), by shortening

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  1. technic.

  2. technical.

  1. technology. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use tech in a sentence

  • The com-tech was answering the question Raf had almost forgotten that he had asked the moment before.

    Star Born | Andre Norton
  • Raf's eyes met Soriki's, and the com-tech's hand dropped to hook fingers in his belt within touching distance of his side arm.

    Star Born | Andre Norton
  • And having fixed Soriki's face, he tried to believe that he was now confronting the com-tech, speaking directly to him.

    Star Born | Andre Norton
  • "Trojan fotch him his revolver and he wouldn't tech it or use it," is the talk flying about among the boys.

    Mothering on Perilous | Lucy S. Furman
  • The funding was kicked off by some tech millionaires who couldn't believe that a bunch of hacker kids had kicked the DHS's ass.

    Little Brother | Cory Doctorow

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/ (tɛk) /

  1. informal short for technical college

British Dictionary definitions for tech. (2 of 2)


abbreviation for
  1. technical

  2. technology

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