or tem·plet

[ tem-plit ]
/ ˈtɛm plɪt /
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Definition of template

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Origin of template

1670–80; alteration of templet, apparently by falsely etymologizing final syllable as plate1
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What does template mean?

A template is a pattern, model, or guide for the creation of some kind of project.

Template is most commonly used in a general way, but it has many specific meanings depending on the context it is being used in.

Example: When creating your résumé, don’t start from scratch—use a template so that you can make sure you format it properly.

Where does template come from?

The first records of template come from the 1670s. It’s an alteration of the word templet that was influenced by the word plate. Templet may come from a French word that refers to a part of a loom, but the ultimate origin is unknown.

The word template can be used in almost countless contexts. Anything that serves as a pattern to make something can be called a template. Traditionally, templates have been physical objects used to create other physical objects, but now they also often take the form of specialized software to create things like designs and documents.

Template has a more specific meaning in many different fields and trades. In construction, a template is a horizontal piece of a wall that distributes the pressure of a beam. In shipbuilding, a template is used to support the frame of the ship while it’s being built. In genetics, a template is a strand of DNA or RNA that serves as a pattern for the creation of similar strands.

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How is template used in real life?

Template is most commonly used in a general way to refer to a pattern that allows something more specific to be created, but it has many different specific uses.



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Which of the following words is NOT a synonym for template?

A. guide
B. pattern
C. product
D. model

How to use template in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for template



/ (ˈtɛmplɪt) /

a gauge or pattern, cut out in wood or metal, used in woodwork, etc, to help shape something accurately
a pattern cut out in card or plastic, used in various crafts to reproduce shapes
a short beam, made of metal, wood, or stone, that is used to spread a load, as over a doorway
biochem the molecular structure of a compound that serves as a pattern for the production of the molecular structure of another specific compound in a reaction

Word Origin for template

C17 templet (later spelling influenced by plate), probably from French, diminutive of temple ³
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Scientific definitions for template

[ tĕmplĭt ]

A molecule of a nucleic acid, such as DNA, that serves as a pattern for the synthesis of another molecule of a nucleic acid.
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