tempus edax rerum

[ tem-poo s e-dahks rey-roo m; English tem-puh s ee-daks reer-uh m ]
/ ˈtɛm pʊs ˈɛ dɑks ˈreɪ rʊm; English ˈtɛm pəs ˈi dæks ˈrɪər əm /


time, devourer of all things.



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Definition for tempus (2 of 2)

tempus fugit
[ tem-poo s foo-git; English tem-puh s fyoo-jit ]
/ ˈtɛm pʊs ˈfu gɪt; English ˈtɛm pəs ˈfyu dʒɪt /


time flies.
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tempus fugit
/ Latin (ˈtɛmpəs ˈfjuːdʒɪt, -ɡɪt) /

time flies
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