terebic acid

[ tuh-reb-ik as-id, ‐ree-bik ]
/ təˈrɛb ɪk ˈæs ɪd, ‐ˈri bɪk /

noun Chemistry.

an acid, C7H10O4, formed by the oxidation of certain terpenes and historically important in the discovery of the structures of many terpenes.
Sometimes ter·e·bin·ic ac·id [ter-uh-bin-ik as-id] /ˈtɛr əˈbɪn ɪk ˈæs ɪd/.

Origin of terebic acid

First recorded in 1855–60
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British Dictionary definitions for terebic acid

terebic acid

/ (tɛˈrɛbɪk) /


a white crystalline carboxylic acid produced by the action of nitric acid on turpentine. Formula: C 7 H 10 O 4

Word Origin for terebic acid

C19: from tereb (inth) + -ic
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