[ te-rij-uh-nuhs ]
/ tɛˈrɪdʒ ə nəs /
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produced by the earth.
Geology. noting or pertaining to sediments on the sea bottom derived directly from the neighboring land, or to the rocks formed primarily by the consolidation of such sediments.



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Origin of terrigenous

1675–85; <Latin terrigenus, equivalent to terr(a) earth + -i--i- + -genus-genous
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Example sentences from the Web for terrigenous

  • The specimen brought up was a terrigenous blue mud (glacial deposit) with some radiolaria.

    South!|Sir Ernest Shackleton
  • And thus there are vast regions of the oceanic depressions over which no terrigenous or land-derived materials are accumulating.

British Dictionary definitions for terrigenous

/ (tɛˈrɪdʒɪnəs) /


of or produced by the earth
(of geological deposits) formed in the sea from material derived from the land by erosion

Word Origin for terrigenous

C17: from Latin terrigenus, from terra earth + gignere to beget
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Scientific definitions for terrigenous

[ tĕ-rĭjə-nəs ]

Derived from the land, especially by erosive action. Used primarily of shallow marine sediments.
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