[ te-truh ]
/ ˈtɛ trə /


any of several tropical, freshwater fishes of the family Characidae, often kept in aquariums.

Origin of tetra

1930–35; shortening of New Latin Tetragonopterus former genus name. See tetragon, -o-, -pterous

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a combining form meaning “four,” used in the formation of compound words: tetrabranchiate.
Also especially before a vowel, tetr-.

Origin of tetra-

< Greek, combining form of téttara, neuter of téttares four
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/ (ˈtɛtrə) /

noun plural -ra or -ras

any of various brightly coloured tropical freshwater fishes of the genus Hemigrammus and related genera: family Characidae (characins)

Word Origin for tetra

C20: short for New Latin tetragonopterus (former genus name), from tetragon + -o- + -pterous, from Greek pteron wing

British Dictionary definitions for tetra (2 of 2)


before a vowel tetr-

combining form


Word Origin for tetra-

from Greek
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Medical definitions for tetra



Composed of or containing four atoms, molecules, or groups:tetrasaccharide.
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