the far left

[ thuh-fahr-left ]
/ ðə ˈfɑr ˈlɛft /
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the area furthest away on the side where one’s heart is (usually preceded by to, at, or on): On the rooftop of the building on the far left you can see a small garden.
Sometimes the far Left .
  1. the complex of individuals or organized groups holding the most liberal views in politics and social policy, advocating radical political and social reform that often includes increased government funding of services, regulation, and rights for marginalized groups: History will never know how he might have reacted, as president, to pressure from the gun lobby or to the collectivist tendencies of the far left.
  2. the position occupied by these people on the political spectrum (often preceded by to or on): She might nominate someone on the far left, but I can also see her nominating a more moderate person to attract the centrist vote.
Compare the far right (def. 2).
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Origin of the far left

First recorded in 1850–55
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