the far right

[ thuh-fahr-rahyt ]
/ ðə ˈfɑr ˈraɪt /
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the area furthest away on the side opposite to where one's heart is (usually preceded by to, at, or on): You can search for a specific item by typing it into the Search field at the far right of the screen.
Sometimes the far Right .
  1. the complex of individuals or organized groups holding the most conservative views in politics and social policy, opposed to political and social reform and often emphasizing nationalism and deregulation:To avoid defeat by the far right, she says, the rest of us must be willing to work with potential allies not in our own camp.
  2. the position occupied by these people on the political spectrum (often preceded by to or on):At some point he migrated to the far right, and is now aligned with his country’s new anti-immigration party.
Compare the far left (def. 2).
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Origin of the far right

First recorded in 1905–10
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