[ thair-too ]
/ ˌðɛərˈtu /
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to that place, thing, etc.
to that matter, circumstance, etc.
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Also there·un·to [thair-uhn-too, thair-uhn-too]. /ˌðɛər ʌnˈtu, ˌðɛərˈʌn tu/.

Origin of thereto

before 900; Middle English therto,Old English thǣrtō.See there, to
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What does thereunto mean?

Thereunto is a less common way of saying thereto, meaning to the thing that was just mentioned, as in Please fill out your personal profile and answer all questions pertaining thereunto (translation: Please fill out your personal profile and answer all questions pertaining to it).

Unto can be used in many of the same ways as the preposition to.

Both terms are formal and are typically used in legal language.

Example: My paper will discuss these topics and other issues relating thereunto.

Where does thereunto come from?

The word thereunto has been used since at least the 1400s.

There are many similar words based on the combination of the word there and a preposition, each of which has a different meaning, including thereabout, thereabouts, thereafter, thereby, therefor, therefore, therefrom, therein, thereinafter, thereinto, thereof, thereon, theretofore, thereunder, thereupon, therewith, and therewithal.

Other words are constructed in similar ways, such as whereunto, which is a less common way of saying whereto, meaning “to which,” as in the question whereunto I was referring (translation: the question to which I was referring or the question I was referring to).

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How is thereunto used in real life?

Thereunto is formal. It is much less commonly used than thereto, which usually means the same thing and is typically used in legal language.

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Is thereunto used correctly in the following sentence?

All subjects of the crown must pledge their loyalty thereunto. 

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British Dictionary definitions for thereto

/ (ˌðɛəˈtuː) /

formal to that or itthe form attached thereto
obsolete in addition to that
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