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[Greek the-sah-law-nee-kee]
  1. official name of Salonika.
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Also Thes·sa·lo·ní·ki, Thes·sa·lon·i·ca [thes-uh-lon-i-kuh, -uh-loh-nahy-kuh] /ˌθɛs əˈlɒn ɪ kə, -ə loʊˈnaɪ kə/.
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Historical Examples

  • Even when I was in Thessalonica, more than once you sent money for my needs.

    The Children's Bible

    Henry A. Sherman

  • The greater part of this letter was evidently written at Thessalonica.

    The Letters of Cicero, Volume 1

    Marcus Tullius Cicero

  • Thus Paul boasts of doing in the case of the people of Thessalonica.

  • At Thessalonica, well and happy—I have letters for you from them.

  • No doubt situations like this were common in the church at Thessalonica.