[ thrift ]
/ θrɪft /


economical management; economy; frugality.
Also called thrift institution. Banking. a savings and loan association, savings bank, or credit union.
Also called sea pink . any alpine and maritime plant belonging to the genus Armeria, of the leadwort family, having pink or white flowers, especially A. maritima, noted for its vigorous growth.
any of various allied plants.
vigorous growth, as of a plant.
Obsolete. prosperity.

Origin of thrift

First recorded in 1200–50; Middle English, from Old Norse: “well-being, prosperity”; cf. thrive


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British Dictionary definitions for thrift

/ (θrɪft) /


wisdom and caution in the management of money
Also called: sea pink any of numerous perennial plumbaginaceous low-growing plants of the genus Armeria, esp A. maritima, of Europe, W Asia, and North America, having narrow leaves and round heads of pink or white flowers
rare vigorous thriving or growth, as of a plant
US a building society, savings bank, or credit union
an obsolete word for prosperity

Derived forms of thrift

thriftless, adjectivethriftlessly, adverbthriftlessness, noun

Word Origin for thrift

C13: from Old Norse: success; see thrive
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