[ tin-ti-nab-yuh-ler ]
/ ˌtɪn tɪˈnæb yə lər /


of or relating to bells or bell ringing.
Also tin·tin·nab·u·lar·y [tin-ti-nab-yuh-ler-ee] /ˌtɪn tɪˈnæb yəˌlɛr i/, tin·tin·nab·u·lous.

Origin of tintinnabular

1760–70; < Latin tintinnābul(um) bell (tintinnā(re) to ring + -bulum instrumental suffix) + -ar1
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Examples from the Web for tintinnabular

  • The bearer of all this tintinnabular clatter is chosen from its superior docility and knack in picking out a way.